About Us

As a non-profit organisation, we're on a mission to end chronic homelessness in Cape Town. We collaborate with our communities, the City of Cape Town, and our stakeholders, to take steps big and small to make this a reality.

Our client-centric approach is overseen by a dedicated team of psychosocial workers who assist our clients by aiding them off the streets and into a home through a work-first framework.

Our values of teamwork, participation, responsibility, respect, happiness and resilience helps create a harmonious environment for our clients to grow into a better life.

Urban Farms: fresh and tasty organic fruit and vegetables, organic eggs and raw honey.


LaundReCycle: off-grid laundromat that recycles water.


Nursery: home and garden essentials such as indigenous and water-wise plants, compost, potting soil and woodchips.


Landscaping: building of food gardens and bespoke ornamental gardens. 


Skills development: cleaning, gardening and farming, security, general building and maintenance, basic I.T. skills, and preparation for job- seeking and CV's.